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"Retraining Your Mind, Realizing Your Purpose"

Prison to Purpose is a nonprofit focused on retraining the minds of individuals impacted by the justice system and providing them the tools to realize their purpose (education + mentorship + job readiness skills). 


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Where Stories of Second Chances Begin

We understand that employment is hope for a better future. We also understand that "finding a job" may be the easiest part of the transition.  So, we focus on the "how to" of KEEPING that job.  There must be a retraining of the thought process to successfully navigate through this transition. We make it our goal to help individuals with blemished records gain the skills needed to get back on their feet and live fully in their freedom, both at home AND at work. Transitioning is hard and our passion is assisting you to reenter society with ease.

We all need a second chance and grace. At Prison to Purpose, we define our success by the successful reentry of our participants. 

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Areas We Help With:

Reentering the Community

• Personal Growth

• Employment Preparation


Success Stories

"This program has really helped me find myself and gave me hope for my future."

- Seagoville FCI Participants

"I really enjoyed how nice the facilitators are."

- Seagoville FCI Participants 

"The teachers were great and very helpful."

- Seagoville FCI Participants

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